A young man from Muskogee, Oklahoma was sentenced this week to probation, including the stipulation that he attend church every Sunday for the next 10 years.

The sentence was handed down by a judge who noted that even though 19-year-old Tyler Alred had been drinking when he accidentally killed a friend in a car accident, he wasn't quite at the legal limit. Because Alred was under the age of 21, Tulsa World noted that he was charged like any other drunk driver.

The teen's future looked grim after a guilty plea in August, but a judge this week decided to defer the manslaughter conviction in lieu of numerous probationary terms. The victim's family reportedly agreed with the sentence, saying it's not worth ruining Alred's life over the tragic series of events.

In addition to 10 years of church services, Alred will be forced to wear an ankle bracelet for a set amount of time that keeps track of his alcohol consumption, submit to regular drug and alcohol tests, hear from drunk driving victims and finish school without incident.


Photo: Shutterstock.com, all rights reserved.