On her show Monday night, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow alleged that Republicans had not learned their lesson from the November election, despite appearances to the contrary.

"All over the country, if you look at state newspapers and state news bureaus right now covering what it is that Republicans plan to do where they have governing authority in the states, the contrast between that reporting about what Republicans are doing and the beltway discussion about what the Republicans theoretically maybe oughtto be doing is like reading news from two totally different universes," Maddow said. "It is totally disconnected."

Though national Republicans have said they need to re-think their policies regarding women's rights, Republicans in state legislatures have moved to defund Planned Parenthood, roll back abortion rights, and restrict access to contraception.

"Republicans are still waging these wars," Maddow remarked. "Somebody ought to tell the beltway -- or maybe it is funnier if we don't."

Watch video, courtesy of MSNBC, below:

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