A new parody video provides a harsh answer to an age-old question: Why the lack of actual music videos on MTV? It's viewers' fault.

"I'm gonna break it down for you and every other person born before 1995 -- otherwise known as Not Our Fucking Demo Anymore -- so we can all put this behind us," said faux-network programming head Michael Destiny, played by Brian Firenzi. "Yes, back in the day we earned our brand credibility by breaking new artists, but music videos were only worth making if they had actual promotional power behind them."

Destiny's rant comes as a response to a viewer, Natalie (María Del Carmen), who eventually gets so upset she leaves her interview area -- not that that stops him.

The music game, Destiny explained, has changed: Natalie's generation of viewers, most of which grew up with daily videos as a cultural touchstone, started moving toward buying less music or outright getting it for free digitally, leaving the video medium worthless.

While he admitted that music videos have devolved to featuring shots of artists checking their cell phones at a concert, there's a good reason for that.

"Surprise! That gaudy, blatant product shot is the only reason that video got funding in the first place," he said.

Watch the caustic explanation, posted on YouTube Friday by Firenzi, below.