Hudson, a brown and white pit bull puppy, has been fitted with a prosthetic rear leg to replace the one he lost to an abusive and neglectful owner. According to Albany, New York's Times-Union Online, the 3-month-old puppy whined a little bit when veterinarian Dr. Tom Bowersox fitted the little plastic device to his back leg, but was shortly playing tug-of-war with his sister and begging for treats.

Hudson, his sister and another puppy were found abandoned and nearly starved to death near railroad tracks in Arbor Hill, NY on September 8. Hudson's left rear paw had to be amputated as a result of the abuse that he and the other dogs had suffered at the hands of their previous owner.

Now all three dogs are healthy and thriving. Hudson immediately took to the prosthesis, which is made of hard plastic with a nubby, waterproof grip on the sole. Bowersox, who designed and fitted the replacement paw, was impressed with how quickly Hudson took to his newest part.

"I can't believe it," Bowersox said. "He's walking on it, he's sitting on it. I guess what amazes me most is that he hasn't chewed on it yet."

Watch the video, embedded via Times-Union Online, below: