On Saturday Night Live, Mitt Romney stood on a balcony and drowned his post-election sorrows in gallons of milk, while his son Tagg expressed his anger with Americans.

"I'm so very angry father, I wish I could punch America in the face," Tagg said in the SNL skit, alluding to comments he made in October.

But Romney chided his son, insisting now was not the time for anger. Romney explained that he still had much to do, such as learning how mayonnaise is made.

Romney's other sons urged him to come inside, telling him that Paul Ryan was performing feats of strength and Donald Trump was "doing a very amusing thing where he is racist."

The former Republican presidential candidate was also visited by Karl Rove, who said he still believed Romney was going to win Ohio and asked for $300 million. Rove was promptly thrown off the balcony.

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