Jon Stewart bemoaned the Black Friday protests at Walmart stores on his show Tuesday, implying that getting a ringside seat to watching shoppers angrily threaten or outright trample one another was benefit enough for their work.

"Truly, your vest runneth over," he said on The Daily Show Tuesday in a Colbert-esque tone. "But that's not enough for you greedy, hourly, slightly-over-the-federal-poverty-line employees. Now you wanna unionize."

Besides, he snarked, it wasn't like they were working in one of the burned-down garment factories in Bangladesh that made the clothes that ended up on the Walmart sales floor.

"See?" he said, before affecting a crying tone. "Wah wah wah, I work at Walmart in the United States. I can't afford to take my kids to the doctor. Well at least where you work, there are exits!"

And the worst effect, he said, could be on the store, before playing a clip of Fox News contributor Charles Payne's saying he couldn't think "a worse target" on which to blame the Bangladesh fire than Walmart.

"I believe that's actually Walmart's slogan -- think of a worse Target," Stewart said.

Watch Stewart's look at the retail chain's fight with labor forces, aired Tuesday night on Comedy Central, below.