Monday night on The Daily Show, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee argued with Jon Stewart over the way Fox News portrayed African Americans and single women.

Huckabee acknowledged that Republicans needed to reach out to minorities with policies that addressed their concerns rather than trying to win them over with patronizing statements. The Fox News host said Republicans had done a "pathetic" job of explaining how their conservative viewpoints could benefit minorities.

Stewart, however, said Republicans had a bigger problem. The late-night comedian told Huckabee that conservatives could not appeal to minorities while simultaneously demonizing them.

Stewart noted that on Election Day, Fox News report 21 times that an alleged member of the New Black Panther Party was standing outside a polling place in Pennsylvania.

"You can't reach out to people and use them as a way to stir up fear amongst a base that can easily fall prey to that," Stewart said.

Now that single women appear to be a strong part of the Democratic base, Stewart said Fox News had begun demonizing them as well. He claimed Fox News made it appear that anyone who voted against Republicans did so because of their "own lack of virtue." Stewart cited Fox News host Bill O'Reilly, who said minorities and women voted for Obama because they "want stuff."

Stewart admitted not all conservatives thought that way, but insisted there was "a very powerful media arm that is creating a narrative that that is the case and reinforcing it day after day, time after time, minute after minute."

Watch video, courtesy of Comedy Central, below: