On the Nov. 15 Daily Show, Jon Stewart criticized Mitt Romney, "retired pensioner," and Bill O'Reilly on assertions each made in recent days.

Stewart hit Romney's recent argument that Obama won the election by offering "gifts" to young women, minorities and Latinos.

"How on earth did Mitt Romney find out about the extraordinary bag of gifts?" Stewart asked as he pulled out a large bag labeled "gifts," which contained marijuana, a contraception variety pack, a Quran, a pinata filled with green cards, and a gift certificate, which says, "Lena Dunham chastises you while you masturbate."

Stewart then moved on to O'Reilly. Immediately after the election, the Fox pundit said that "traditional America" is gone. In more recent days, he said that the America of "Leave it to Beaver" no longer exists.

Stewart argueed that demographics are always changing and the present majority always resents its potential replacement.

Stewart then pulled commentaries from magazines in the 19th century, which maligned Irish immigrants as unclean and ignorant and worried about Catholicism.

"You don't need to worry so much," Stewart told Fox. "What you are demonstrating is the health and vitality of America's greatest tradition" -- fear of new populations that will ruin the country

"Unless your real name is Sitting Bill, you've got nothing to complain about."

Watch the video, via Mediaite, below.