With snack-maker Hostess announcing this week that it would liquidate all its assets instead of making a deal with its labor union, it seems only fitting that someone put together a rest in peace tribute video for one of America's longest-running snacks: the Twinkie.

Thankfully, culture blog Nuclear Salad nailed it.

If you're a Twinkie fan with a stash of the cream-filled, not-quite-food-product, consider holding onto them for a bit longer. As Fox News noted, they're suddenly being marketed online like delicacies, with some collections of Hostess products selling for hundreds of dollars.

But get it now or forever hold your peace. Contrary to popular belief, Twinkies do spoil. The lats batches should be good through mid-December, but once they're gone, they're gone.

Meanwhile, more than 18,500 workers are out of a job after a dispute over an 8 percent pay cut, which has got to sting considering that the company's CEO was given a 300 percent raise earlier this year, even ahead of a bankruptcy filing.

This video was published to YouTube on November 16, 2012.