A counterterrorism summit staged a mock "zombie apocalypse" for the U.S. military -- and they didn't cut any corners.

"We're going to have a lady with a baby and umbilical cord hanging out, some people have intestines in them, hanging eyeballs, broken arms, a little bit of everything," one woman explains.

The intestines were created from actual pig intestines filled with water and oatmeal.

About 40 people dressed up as zombies in a mock village where they staged the apocalypse.

The company Strategic Operations has trained 600,000 military and law enforcement members and has been creating "scenarios like this" for about 10 years, using "all the movie making techniques to make these kinds of training situations extremely realistic," said Kit Lavell with the company.

"There's a lot of creativity that goes into it," he said.

Watch the video, published by Fox News on Nov. 1, below.