Conservative radio host Glenn Beck on Tuesday wore a wig and ranted about "beer culture" to mock sports broadcaster Bob Costas' recent commentary on "gun culture" in the United States following a tragic murder/suicide involving NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher.

"Our current beer drinking and car driving culture ensures that more routine nights out with friends will end in the ultimate tragedy," Beck began. "That more innocent road trips will leave even more youngsters and babies strewn across the road. Roads bloodied. People dead. Beer doesn’t enhance our lives or our society."

"Beer muscles, beer goggles, liquid courage, liquid logic, 'I'm okay to drive!' when you're clearly hammered out of your mind!" he continued.

According to Beck, Costas had not responded after Dallas Cowboys nose tackle Josh Brent's drunk-driving accident caused the death of teammate Jerry Brown because he may have been bought off by "big beer" or "big car."

"One thing is for certain, if Bob were free of the chains that had been placed around his neck by corporate beer-car masters, he might be able to apply the logic of his gun views to this incident," the conservative radio host asserted. "And he'd be totally for the banning of alcohol and cars. Now wouldn't you, Bob?"

As outrageous as the Costas parody was, Beck said that even he had his limits.

"I think the mustache which was doubling as eyebrows was just too far," he observed. "Because it's ridiculous."

Watch this video from Blaze TV, broadcast Dec. 11, 2012.

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(h/t: The Blaze)