It took CNN host Carol Costello just over two minutes on Tuesday to skewer the National Rifle Association's past extremism when it came to fighting gun legislation, pointing out criticisms that it fuels the country's "enormous appetite" for firearms.

"It's easy to see why," she said. "The NRA is a master when it comes to psychology."

Though the NRA has been silent since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting last week, Costello said, "There is one industry in America that is recession-proof -- the gun industry," citing the $3.5 billion spent on firearms in America every year.

And even after this most recent massacre, gun stores reported sales increases, including sales of the AR-15 assault rifle, one weapon used by the gunman, who killed 20 students and 6 staff members Dec. 14.

CNN host Carol Costello then played a clip of NRA Executive Vice-President Wayne LaPierre declaring that a second term for President Barack Obama would "break the back" of the Second Amendment, which prompted an open show of skepticism on her part.

"Really?" she scoffed. "Mr. Obama did not push a single piece of gun-control legislation in his first term. No matter; in the NRA's world, Obama's second term spells doom -- or maybe what happened at Sandy Hook does," Costello said.

Earlier this year, Costello also pushed back strongly against American Family Association head Bryan Fischer, who accused her of being part of "the gay Gestapo" by saying she was "a proud card carrying member" and cutting his interview off when he likened homosexuality to intravenous drug abuse.

Watch Costello's commentary, posted Tuesday by Media Matters, below.