An anonymous police officer in Plano, Texas made the local news Tuesday night when a driver reported a random gift of $100 he said was tucked into a ticket for an expired registration sticker.

Hayden Carlo told CBS affiliate KTVT-TV in Dallas that when he was stopped in Plano, he told an officer that he hadn't updated his registration because he was struggling to feed his kids.

When Carlo opened the ticket, however, there was a $100 bill inside. He didn't initially report it, but upon hearing about the incredible generosity, Carlo's grandfather wrote a letter to the department saying how grateful they both were.

Carlo reportedly used the money to update the registration on his car and his wife's car.

It's not clear how much his ticket was for, but Texas courts will usually dismiss such tickets for a small fee if the registration is updated right away. Otherwise, driving with an expired registration in Texas could cost up to $200.

The video below is from KTVT-TV in Dallas, aired Tuesday, December 11, 2012.


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