After requesting to urinate on a Fox News producer last week, Emmy Award-winning actor Ed Asner continued to slam the conservative news network on Monday night.

Asner said on Current TV that he thought Fox News host Sean Hannity "was behind on his rabies shots" and that he was proud to be portrayed as a "Hollywood liberal."

Fox News personalities began attacking Asner last week for narrating an animated video produced by the California Federation of Teachers. The video claimed that wealthy Americans pushed for tax cuts and found tax loopholes to enrich themselves. Their quest for greater wealth was detrimental to the middle-class, who relied on tax-funded services like public schools, according to the video.

"These are the lowest [tax] rates as I know it for the rich since God immemorial," Asner said on Current TV. "They were higher under Eisenhower, they were higher with Clinton, so these are very low rates that the rich are now objecting to."

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: