An Egyptian man and alleged terrorist cell leader was arrested in connection with the Sept. 11 attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, NBC News reported Saturday.

Mohammed Abu Jamal Ahmed was arrested in Cairo and accused of not only being involved with the attack that killed American ambassador Chris Stevens and three other U.S. nationals, but transporting weapons from Libya to Egypt, where he lives. He has not been charged in the Egyptian State Security Court.

ABC News reported that Ahmed admitted to working with Ansar al Sharia, an extremist group that organized the attack. He was arrested by Egyptian intelligence officials two weeks ago in Sharqiyah, a province in the eastern part of the country, and will remain in custody for another 15 days while being questioned.

Watch NBC News' report on Ahmed's arrest, aired Saturday, below.

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[Image via Agence France-Presse]