Little Mountain, S.C., which has 292 people and one stoplight, also has a job opening: mayor.

"There is currently no mayor in Little Mountain," said Ezra Klein, filling in for Rachel Maddow on her MSNBC show Friday night, "which is odd. The mayor manages about a $90,000 budget -- not nothing, plus state grants for school improvements and an elder care facility," as well as a folk festival that draws 10,000 people that the mayor is charged with organizing.

But in November, the ballot for mayor was blank.

There were a few write-in candidates -- but the top two vote recipients turned down the offer. Mickey Mouse and Snoop Dog also received a few votes.

The town now plans to hold a special election in March.

The leading write-in candidate told the New York Times that no one wanted the job because politics no longer has any allure.

"Oh gee, I wonder why. Thank you Washington," Klein said.

The job also only pays $100 a month.

But, Klein said, it's also "an interesting story about unemployment. You have a job available, be it one that only pays a hundred bucks a month, and nobody wants it. And that is, in this economy, it is very very rare. A job no one will take. For most available jobs, there are lines out the door of qualified applicants."

Watch the video, via MSNBC, below.

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