A Florida man is accused of second-degree murder after allegedly killing his live-in tenant in an argument over how to make pork chops, WESH-TV reported on Thursday.

Police said they found 55-year-old Thomas Hahn sitting in a chair next to the body of Robert Eugene Gray Jr. when they arrived at their house in Holly Hill, Florida on Tuesday night.

However, Holly Hill Police Chief Mark Barker told The Daytona Beach News-Journal that Hahn, who owned the house and allegedly rented rooms out to Gray and two other people, told the other housemates he would shoot Gray if he came home drunk that evening.

Authorities found Gray dead that night, with Hahn sitting near him, citing self defense; he allegedly told police, "I shot him in the head two to three times. I didn't want to be attacked anymore."

The newspaper also reported that another resident, Tim Santimyer, told police he saw Hahn load his .22-caliber rifle, saying "Three bullets should be enough."

Santimyer, who also rented a room at the house said he also heard arguing over how to cook pork chops, but that at one point Gray told Hahn, "If you pull that gun on me, you better use it."

Watch WESH's report, posted Thursday on the station's YouTube channel, below.