A man who ran for the Republican nomination for a U.S. House seat is now in jail after accusations that he slashed the tires of at least one former rival, reported KOB Dec. 28.

A police detective in Albuquerque told the news outlet that a surveillance video of a man slashing the tires of Janice Arnold-Jones' car on Dec. 20 "did appear to be him."

Gary Smith sought the GOP nomination for New Mexico's 1st District, but he was removed from the ballot after Arnold-Jones, his Republican opponent, filed a lawsuit that claimed Smith did not actually have enough signatures. The judge agreed.

Police said Smith may also have slashed the tires of other Republicans involved in removing him from the race.

Rhead Story, one of those individuals, told the Santa Fe Reporter he has spent more than $2,500 replacing roughly 40 slashed tires since June.

Arnold-Jones told the Reporter, "This isn’t the normal kind of political retribution you might expect. This is scary."

Watch the videos, via the Santa Fe Reporter and KOB, below.