Fox News host Bill O'Reilly sent his best ambush journalist to Hawaii this week to get the scoop on President Barack Obama's roots ahead of his Christmas vacation and found out about a guy named Barry who had a "big afro," and and "African father" who "talked about Kenya" and lived on an Island with lazy people, lots of marijuana and prostitution.

In a segment that aired on Thursday's O'Reilly Factor, Fox News producer Jesse Watters put on a polo shirt, turned up the collar and hit the beach to talk to women in bikinis in hopes of finding out the truth about Barack Obama.

"Growing up in Hawaii, President Obama was known as Barry," Watters reported. "He was abandoned by his African father and lived with his mother and grandparents in a small apartment complex in Honolulu."

"My mother-in-law remembers him scooping Baskin-Robbins ice cream on King Street with a big afro in high school," one resident explained.

"There were several memories that I think that we all had and one was very strong, and one was his father came to speak to the 5th-grade class," a woman who had gone to school with Obama recalled. "It was actually about Kenya."

"He's a little lazy and he's lazy because he grew up here," Watters observed to one bikini-clad woman, who said she voted for Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) in 2008.

"He's Hawaiian!" the woman agreed. "Dude, if you're Hawaiian, you have no ambition, you're lazy."

Watters found several African-American women who said that they supported the president because if Mitt Romney had won then "we would get no more food stamps. We need Obama."

"He said he experimented with pot and sometimes cocaine," the Fox News producer reported.

After Watters returned to New York to present his investigation, O'Reilly wanted to know if he had discovered why Hawaii was so liberal.

"I think it's very multi-cultural and there's a lot of an Asian influence too," Watters opined. "And the economy is such that you don't have a big middle class. So, you have extreme wealth and extreme poverty and the sun makes you lazy. So, they kind of try to take care of everybody. And then, you know, you have very loose pot laws, prostitution is not technically legal but..."

"It's a libertine society," O'Reilly agreed. "A lot of people want to know why you have the little collar on the polo shirt up?"

"It's my trademark, Bill," Watters insisted. "That's my pop collar."

Watch this video from Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, broadcast Dec. 21, 2012.