Two parents in Georgia have been accused of contributing to the delinquency of a minor after video surfaced of their teenage daughter getting into a street fight at their behest.

According to WSB-TV, Shequita Cade and Timothy Taylor are accused of picking up their daughter, a seventh-grader, at her Atlanta middle school and driving her to a nearby bus stop so she could fight 14-year-old Quinnaya Durden last week.

Footage of the fight was subsequently posted on YouTube, and Taylor can allegedly be heard saying, "Nobody better try to jump in neither" and, "You know where to hit her at" as the two girls punched each other and wrestled to the ground while an unidentified person filmed them. A neighbor allegedly broke up the fight.

Taylor was also charged with battery for his role in the incident. The two girls are also scheduled for a separate hearing at their school, Tucker Middle School, to determine punishment.

Authorities said Cade and Taylor told them they picked up their daughter, who has not been identified, because she had allegedly been bullied by Durden.

"My child could have died. She could have hit the concrete the wrong way," said Quinnaya's mother, Quateka Durden. "Their child could have died. And then who's charged with the murder?"

Watch WPIX-TV's report on the fight, aired Dec. 10, below.

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