Former Michigan governor and Current TV host Jennifer Granholm on Tuesday slammed Republicans after they pushed a so-called "right-to-work" law through the state legislature.

"The 'Workplace Fairness and Equity Act,' the Orwellian name will surely give historians a big laugh," she said. "Was the 'free beer and ice cream' act already used? Fairness and equity? Like the term right to work itself, the act does the opposite of its name. There is nothing 'fair' or 'equitable' about crushing unions and driving down wages, which is what right to work does. As the president said, right to work is really right to work for less."

The law prohibits workers from having to pay mandatory fees as a condition of employment in unionized workplaces. Opponents named it the "Freedom to Freeload" law, noting that it allows workers to benefit from collective bargaining agreements without paying any union dues.

Granholm noted that workers in states with "right-to-work" laws tend to earn lower wages and receive less benefits than workers in other states. She added that minority groups like women, African Americans and Hispanics benefited most from union membership.

"Is it a coincidence that these are the groups hurt most? No, this is the Republican Party agenda, paid for by wealthy people who can buy our government and shape it for their personal benefit," Granholm said.

"They want to ensure a permanent Republican majority by cutting off the democratic fundraising base, unions, and by punishing their constituencies."

Watch video, courtesy of Current TV, below: