The Daily Show host Jon Stewart gave a faux apology on Wednesday night for mocking the so-called war on Christmas.

"We've had a bit of fun here over the years concerning what is commonly referred to this time of year as the war on Christmas, where a small band of about 70 percent of the country have fought tirelessly for the right to openly celebrate the feast day of their Lord's birth -- to have a mass on that day honoring their Christ, a Mas-Christ, if you will," Stewart said.

"Now, we've poked fun at this, saying such things as 'there is no war on Christmas' or 'you're fucking crazy.' Classic wit," Stewart continued. "But that is before I realized what these poor folks have been going through."

Stewart then played a montage of Fox News personalities complaining that wimpy Christians were being bullied by intolerant atheists who didn't respect tradition. But Stewart noted that these atheists had only said they wanted the government to stop favoring one religion over another.

Taking a mid-show nap, Stewart was shown what his life could have been like had all religions been treated equally.

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