The landlords of the country's largest medical marijuana dispensary argued in federal court Dec. 20 that they should be able to evict Harborside Health Center, located in Oakland, Calif.

A U.S. attorney began civil forfeiture proceedings this past summer, and the landlords claim their property will be seized unless they are allowed to evict the the organization, reported the NY Daily News.

Harborside, which serves over 100,000 patients, claims that medical marijuana is legal in California and that the company has adhered to both state and local law. "There will be a public safety crisis; there will be a health crisis" if the eviction proceeds, said Cedric Chao, an attorney representing the city of Oakland in the case.

The city, which expects $1.4 million in sales tax revenue for 2012 from Harborside, wants an injunction against the federal government's attempt to close the dispensary, reported the Chicago Tribune.

The judge stated her intention to make a decision "as quickly as possible."

[Image: Medical Marijuana In Prescription Bottle on Shutterstock]