Police in New Orleans have arrested a man for boarding a school bus and threatening students with a gun just hours after the slaughter of 20 children at a school in Newtown, Connecticut last Friday.

According to court documents obtained by WWLTV, 29-year-old Keith Petit threatened to shoot every student on the KIPP's McDonogh 15 Middle School bus if they harassed a family member who was also on the bus.

The bus driver told police that students began to "scream out of fear" and shout that Petit had a gun.

Police said that Petit drove to McDonogh 15 Middle School on Monday and asked to speak to an officer because he said that the bus driver had refused to pick up his family member that morning. When the officer arrived, the man was arrested and charged with aggravated assault, extortion and illegally carrying a weapon.

At a court hearing on Tuesday, District Judge Gerard Hansen told Petit that his "timing is terrible."

"You get on a school bus with a gun after everything that is going on in this country? Your timing couldn't be worse," Hansen said.

KIPP Schools New Orleans disputed the court documents and claimed that the bus driver had followed safety procedures and Petit was never allowed on the bus.

"In light of this incident and the horrible tragedy in Connecticut, we are evaluating our school safety plans at all schools and on all bus routes," school officials told WWLTV in a statement. "We take student safety very seriously and are working to make sure that we have the procedures in place to keep our students and staff safe."

Watch this video from WWLTV, broadcast Dec. 18, 2012.

(h/t: Daily Mail)