Mexico City creates over 12,000 metric tons of garbage daily.

But the city's government is combating the mountains of trash with a program that allows residents to exchange recyclables for healthy food.

People receive points for recyclable materials, which can be redeemed at an on-site market that sells local produce from farmers.

The market is operating at a loss, but organizers argue profit is not the primary motivation.

"We are trying to change to habits of people, and in the long run this will decrease the amount of trash we produce," said Secretary of the Environment of Mexico City, Paola de Maria Y Campos.

Recycler Yolanda Arango said, "We exchanged two kilos of glass and four kilos of plastic for two kilos of oranges, basil, guavas, cactus fruit, and one kilo of potatoes."

Watch the video, via Al Jazeera English, below.