A union activist in Michigan has filed a lawsuit targeting a so-called right-to-work bill being pushed through the state's legislature by Republicans, according to The Detroit Free Press.

Robert Davis filed the legal complaint in Ingham County Circuit Court, alleging that the Open Meetings Act was violated when police forced protesters out of the state Capitol building.

Michigan State Police used pepper spray last week to clear out the Capitol after Republican Speaker Jase Bolger and Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville closed the building.

Bolgetr spokesman Ari Adler said the lawsuit appeared to be "baseless and frivolous."

The right-to-work bill would prohibit unions from collecting mandatory fees from nonmembers as a condition of employment.

Republicans argue the legislation would promote “fairness and equity in the workplace.”

Democrats and unions, however, said it was unfair to let workers benefit from collective bargaining agreements without contributing to the union. They also claimed it would weaken unions, resulting in decreased wages and less benefits.

The Republican-led Michigan legislature is expected to pass the bill during the lame-duck session.

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