A Minnesota state representative plans to introduce a bill allowing teachers to bear arms in the classroom in the aftermath of the Newtown, Conn. elementary school shooting that left over two dozen dead, reported Minnesota Public Radio.

In a statement to the radio station, Rep. Tony Cornish said that it's not a novel idea:"Israel had a problem with classroom shootings and instituted this policy and shut them down. Texas has this policy and Michigan sent it to the Governor 24 hours before the [Connecticut] tragedy."

However, the radio station's fact-checking squad says Cornish's claims aren't actually supported by evidence.

Some schools in Israel have armed guards -- not teachers -- and civilians themselves have a difficult time acquiring guns, the station says.

In Texas, there is a single school district in Harrold, Texas, that allows teachers with licenses to carry concealed weapons, and who have additional training, to bring a gun to the classroom. There is no similar state-wide law.

As for Michigan, the legislature did sent such a bill to the governor -- but Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed it.

[Image via Ken on Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons licensed]