Montana police arrested a man on Tuesday for allegedly waterboarding four children, including two of his own, as well as making threats to "take care of everything and everyone" at a local school and for attacking his girlfriend. The Daily Missoulian reported on Friday.

William Albert Province was charged with three charges of assault on a minor, one count of partner and family member assault and felony intimidation after being arrested in Helena, Montana.

According to an affadavit, a witness caught Providence waterboarding two boys, calling it "a learning experience" for them, straddling one of them with his hand over his face and dumping water on it. When his girlfriend tried to stop him, the affadavit said, Province held her arm behind her back hard enough to break her wrist and some of her fingers.

Authorities also confirmed the witness' allegation that Province had military-style body armor. But the witness' report that he also possessed armor-piercing ammunition and assault rifles has not been verified.

The affadavit also stated that besides the school, which he did not identify, Province also intended to "take care of" the local Child Protection Services office and an unidentified foster parent's home.

KRTV-TV reported that Province is being held on a $200,000 bond at Jefferson County Jail, with his arraignment scheduled for next month.

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