The pastor counseling one family affected by the Dec. 14 attack at Sandy Hook Elementary recounted on Sunday how one survivor, a six and a half year old girl, avoided being gunned down and described the scene to her mother.

"She ran out of the school building, covered in blood from head to toe," Pastor Jim Solomon said. "And the first words she said to her mom when she got outside was, 'Mommy, I'm okay, but all my friends are dead.'"

The girl was the only member of her first-grade class, Solomon said, because she was able to fake being dead. She also told her mother about the gunman.

"She saw someone who she felt was angry, and someone who she thought was very mad," Solomon said.

The girl's mother, Solomon said, told him she is suffering from guilt in the wake of the attack.

Watch the interview, aired Sunday on ABC News, below.

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