Monday night on "Conan O'Brian," comic and "Parks and Recreation" cast-member Retta showed Conan how she rolls. The New Jersey-born performer explained that she is a classical music fan, which comes as a surprise to some people.

Retta told O'Brian about a recent encounter at a traffic light, when she pulled up alongside "an older couple" in another car while she was driving and listening to music. With the windows up, all the people in the other car could hear was the bass-line.

"The woman on the passenger side is looking across at me and she's, like, 'Ugh, it's that rap music again,'" Retta said. "That's when I rolled down my power windows..." and then she launched into a very special rendition of a Puccini aria that you simply must hear all the way to end.

Watch the video, embedded via Team Coco, below: