Actors Anne Hathaway and Samuel L. Jackson engaged in a game of Hollywood one-upmanship in a new Funny Or Die sketch Wednesday, as they got into a "Sad Off" despite starting off on a note of holiday cheer in an effort to see which of them was starring in the bleaker movie this year.

"My movie is literally called 'The Miserable,'" Hathaway told Jackson, before conceding, "I guess your movie's kinda dark, too," which got a reaction out of the Django Unchained co-star.

"'Kinda dark, too,'" he chided Hathaway, who plays Fantine in a film adaptation of Les Miserables. "Interesting choice of words there, Anne."

Django, a slave revenge western starring Jamie Foxx in the title role, provided plenty of fodder for Jackson.

"You try being a black man in the South in the 1800s," he told Hathaway. "I bet you couldn't even handle being a black man in the South right now."

Of course, Hathaway pointed out, her character, Fantine, doesn't have an easy go of it, either.

"My character works in a factory," she said. "Everyone is mean to her, she loses her job." Jackson retorted that everyone in his movie has job security -- because they're all slaves.

Regardless, Hathaway pressed on, attempting an in-character rendition of "Silent Night" before Jackson cut her off.

"It's not fun to listen to a girl sing who's got tuberculosis, is it?" she demanded. "How many slaves do you know who live in Beverly Hills?"

Watch Jackson and Hathaway try to bridge their differences in "The Holiday Sad Off," published Wednesday, below.

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