President Barack Obama agreed to not raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans in Saturday Night Live's opening skit, after hearing about the cruel pranks Republicans had played on House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH).

Boehner has found himself in a difficult position, having to negotiate with Obama to avert the so-called fiscal cliff while reporting back to House Republicans who are stubbornly opposed to any tax increases.

"I agreed there will be no tax increases," Obama says in the skit. "I repeat, zero tax increases. Now why would I do that? I mean, I won the election, I have the leverage. Why give in? Well, simply put, I felt sorry for this man."

Obama went on to explain the torment the house speaker had faced from his own party.

"This man, this grown man, was pushed into the congressional ladies washroom naked from the waist down," the President explains. "They held him down and took his pants. And, he had to stand there, in front of his female colleagues, one hand covering his genitals, the other try to cover his buttcrack, neither hand succeeding."

Watch video, courtesy of NBC, below: