Spanish police arrested a Panamanian woman when she landed in Spain on a flight from Bogata, Colombia with cocaine-filled breast implants. According to Reuters, Spain's Interior Ministry reported that border control officials became suspicious of the woman's vague answers as to why she was in the country.

Spanish authorities conduct particularly stringent searches of people and items on "hot flights" from Latin American drug capitals as part of their efforts to limit trafficking of illegal drugs into Spain.

When airport police searched the woman and found fresh scars and bloody gauze on her chest, they transported her to a hospital to verify her claim of recent breast enlargement surgery.

Medical personnel found that the two implants contained about 1.38 kg (approximately 3 poounds) of cocaine. Reports do not indicate at this time whether or not the woman was charged with a crime.

England's The Telegraph reported that the woman is 33 years old and named Yeraldina. She claimed that drug smugglers had forced her to undergo the surgery and transport the drugs against her will.

A police source told The Telegraph that the arrest may have saved Yeraldina's life, saying that she might not have survived much longer with so much cocaine leaching into her system.

"She was in a very bad state when she arrived," he said. "She said she was not in any pain but the wounds looked very bad."