If you order a cup of coffee at a D.C.-area Starbucks in the next few days, your pumpkin spice latte may come with a political missive directed at Washington's elected officials, reported CNN.

Starbucks' CEO Howard Schultz asked employees in the District of Columbia to write "Come Together" on coffee cups Thursday and Friday, in order to "send our elected officials a respectful but potent message" to "find common ground" on the fiscal cliff. It also plans to buy ads in the Washington Post and the New York Times for the "Come Together" campaign.

Schultz -- a self-described "life-long Democrat" who endorsed President Obama in November -- believes the uncertainty caused by the fiscal cliff, which is quickly approaching its Jan. 1 deadline, has a negative effect on the economy and the ultimately the world at large.

However, a Starbucks spokesperson said that writing "Come Together" on cups is voluntary and that employees can opt out if makes them feel "uncomfortable."

President Obama is returning from his Hawaii holiday vacation on Wednesday, meaning that fiscal cliff negotiations could possibly resume Thursday.

[Image via AFP]