Police in White Settlement, Texas are looking for the burglary suspect caught escaping from and stealing a patrol car Dec. 7.

KTVT-TV reported Monday that Darren Douglas Porter had been arrested for allegedly burglarizing an antique shop and placed inside the vehicle with his handcuffed hands behind his back while police spoke to the owner.

But footage from another squad car's dashboard camera shows Porter, who had apparently maneuvered his arms back in front of him, sneaking out and getting into the front of the vehicle and driving off.

"Unknown to us the back windows were still active," said White Settlement Police Lieutenant J.P. Bevering. "The suspect was able to hit the back window release to roll down the window and reach around and unlock the door from the outside."

The vehicle was found abandoned nearby, but authorities received at least two 911 calls from residents reporting seeing a patrol car driving erratically. Footage from the car Porter pilfered shows the dashboard camera tilting upward after driving over a ditch.

Porter remains at large, and now faces not only the initial burglary accusation, but escape and felony theft charges, but Bevering said authorities are confident he will be caught soon.

"We've dealt with him previously," said Bevering. "We know his associates, so now we're in the process of contacting them and keeping an eye out for him."

Watch KTVT's report on Porter's escape, aired Monday, below.

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