It means, as this great Bloomberg article by Leslie Patton notes, that a 20-year McDonald's veteran makes $8.25 an hour and can't put together 40 hours a week even working at two different McDonald's restaurants, while the CEO of McDonald's made $8.75 million last year.

It means the CEO of Dineequity, which owns Applebees and IHOP, made $5.4 million last year even as minimum wage for Applebees servers in New York State was $5 an hour before tips.

It means the CEO of Yum! Brands, which owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC, made $20 million in 2011, while an assistant manager at one of his Pizza Huts made an average of $26,500 last year.

It means the CEO of Macy's took home $17.7 million last year while one of the holiday hires selling you some sale cashmere will make an average of $8.50 for every hour she stands on her feet.

And it means having around 47 percent of this countries' politicians slam you for not paying enough taxes while they fight to make sure the millionaires can pay less.

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