On his show "The Young Turks" on Nov. 30, Cenk Uygur claims that CNN host Erin Burnett isn't critical enough of the "establishment" position on entitlement reform.

In an interview with Rep. Peter Defazio (D-Ore.), Burnett says most people support certain reforms like raising the retirement age and asks, "You really think we don't have to make real changes?"

"That doesn't deal with the cost of prescription drug, it doesn't deal with overpriced and unnecessary medical care," Defazio replied.

"I still find it a little hard to believe -- I know no one wants changes in Medicare, it's not popular. But when you say we don't have to make substantive changes to a program, that's going to consume all of our federal spending if we keep going the way we're going over the next decade or so -- that we do need to make substantial changes, it's just going to hurt."

He goes on to say that Democrats did put $400 billion in Medicare cuts on the table, according to Uygur, who says the idea that the U.S. must cut Medicare and Social Security "to the bone is not the only idea out there."

Watch the clip, via Current TV, below.