Three people were seriously injured Wednesday after a container of butane exploded in a San Diego hotel room as two suspects tried to make hash oil out of marijuana, police told The Associated Press.

Although hotel room explosions are usually association with making methamphetamines, they can happen any time an accellerant is improperly used, such as in the production of hash oil, a form of marijuana that is super-concentrated in liquid form, with roughly one drop equaling the amount of THC in a lower-potency joint.

Following Wednesday's blast, police said they found butane canisters that had apparently been ignited by a cigarette. The accellerant is used to extract THC from portions of the marijuana plant not usually smoked, then cooked off over a stove, leaving behind a viscus, tar-like residue.

The two suspects are both around 20 years old, officials said. A man in an adjacent room was also severely injured and suffered burns over most of his body.

Though rare, a similar incident occurred in Roseburg, Oregon in July, where three people were seriously injured after a hotel room was destroyed when hash oil extraction went wrong.

This video is from Fox 5 San Diego, aired Wednesday, January 30, 2013.