Police in Denver were apparently very determined to get their man when they arrested an octogenarian in the middle of the night at his home.

The 85-year-old John Copeland is now in a Colorado jail with a $50,000 bond after using his cane to hit a volunteer police officer at a Home Depot, reported WQAD.

When he came in front of the judge, Copeland, whose hearing is impaired according to family members, said he could not hear and did not understand what was happening.

He is officially accused of second-degree felony assault, the end result of a dispute over the man's handicapped parking permit, which a volunteer officer claimed was expired. The accused's son, Larry Copeland, said his father used his cane because he believed at first that someone was trying to attack him.

The family claims they were not even aware there was a real investigation into the incident, which happened two weeks ago, until police came to the home, around midnight according to Larry Copeland, to arrest the elder Copeland.

Watch the video, via Fox 31 Denver, below.