Blowing snow and slick, icy roads led to several multiple-car highway accidents in Ohio on Monday, including an 86-car pileup in Cincinnati, Ohio that killed a 12-year-old girl and left more than 20 injured. According to the New York Daily News, the huge crash took place on Interstate 275, close to the Colerain Township suburb. Police were summoned to the scene at around 11:30 a.m. when reports came in of "multiple chain-reaction collisions."

"She's about to die," said one man in horror as he filmed the crowd gathered around the teenage girl from the opposite lane, "Oh, my god." Then, as traffic slowly moved along the line of smashed and broken cars and trucks, he let out a stream of expletives. "Oh, my fucking god," he said, before training off, "Holy shi..." as the line of mangled vehicles stretched on and on.

The NYDN said that, according to a report from the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department, the girl had exited a damaged vehicle and was standing on the shoulder near "a cable barrier, a type of fencing made of rope-like steel wire cables."

An out-of-control vehicle crashed into the barrier, "snapping a cable, which then struck the girl and killed her, office spokesman Jim Knapp said."

At least 20 other people were taken to area hospitals, but their injuries were not expected to be life-threatening. Scattered wreckage and strewn vehicles closed the interstate for hours.

Slick conditions and poor visibility caused a pileup of at least 50 cars between the Southwestern Ohio towns Middleton and Monroe. Police reported an accident involving four tractor-trailer trucks and 20 cars near Mansfield, Ohio and in Columbus, a multi-vehicle crash closed traffic on I-270.

Watch video taken at the Cincinnati crash scene, embedded via YouTube, below (WARNING: Explicit language):

Watch raw video of the multiple massive auto pileups in Ohio via the Cincinnati Enquirer, below: