A real-live snake was spotted on a plane this week, on a Qantas flight headed from Cairns, Australia to Port Moresby. But it wasn't just any snake: It was python nearly 10 feet in length, according to The Sydney Morning Herald.

The creature was spotted mid-flight in a well under one of the plane's wings, its tail furiously flapping in the wind as it sheltered from the cold.

Airport officials said it survived the flight, but just barely.

In a stroke of bizarre coincidence, the incident occurred just days after the director of the 2006 Samuel L. Jackson film "Snakes on a Plane" passed away.

The body of 60-year-old David Ellis was discovered Monday in a hotel room in Johannesburg, South Africa. The cause of death was unknown.

This video is from The Sydney Morning Herald, published Thursday, January 10, 2013.