The dog-eat-dog world of pro sports collided with the dog-snuggle-dog atmosphere of the "Puppy Bowl" in a new skit by College Humor that drew inspiration from Oliver Stone's football film "Any Given Sunday."

"I wanna see puppies taking naps, using other puppies as pillows," an embattled Coach Tucker (Eric Edelstein) tells his charges in "Any Given Puppy Bowl." "Now who's a good boy? You're all good boys. But tonight, I need you to be great boys."

Billed by the Animal Planet network as "the cutest sports event of the year," the game itself, aired opposite the Super Bowl, isn't just played for laughs. The "Bowl" features doggies rescued from shelters -- this year's lineup is available online -- and viewers gets information on how to adopt them at the conclusion of the game.

Last year's broadcast drew just under 9 million viewers, and the game's increasing popularity was not lost on the coach.

"Folks who watch the Super Bowl for the commercials will watch us during the Super Bowl," Tucker explains. "And, you can rest assured, folks who watch the Super Bowl for the Super Bowl will be watching us during the commercials."

But with added fans comes extra pressure, as Tucker gets berated by his team's owner (Nick Mundy).

"You're making the team cuddly, when I'm paying you to make the team snuggly!" the owner rages.

Tucker is also at a loss when he sees how the game's grown.

"First they start with the kitty halftime shows," he tells his assistant coach (Damian Washington). "Now they've got hamsters flying around in blimps like huddled little sky captains. Passed me by."

Both the cats and the hamsters will be back for this year's edition, but they will be joined by a group of hedgehog cheerleaders.

Watch "Any Given Puppy Bowl," posted by College Humor on Monday, below.

Update: The skit's title has been corrected.