The severed head and hands found inside a Georgia man's wall were confirmed as belonging to a man missing since New Year's Eve, the Associated Press reported on Monday.

Medical examiners confirmed that the body parts belonged to 35-year-old Charlie Ray, a friend of Chad Moretz, 34, who was killed by a SWAT sniper during a standoff with police on January 11. Moretz was shot dead after coming out of his house carrying an assault rifle.

Ray's head and hands were found in a hole hidden by a kitchen cabinet. The rest of his body was found in a storage locker in Jasper, South Carolina, about 30 minutes away from Moretz's home. The body had been cut into pieces with a chainsaw and wrapped in bags. Police charged Moretz's wife, Kimberly, and brother-in-law, Kevin Lambert, with helping him hide the body.

The standoff began when Lambert answered the door and told police, "Chad's in here, he's got a rifle, he's going to kill y'all"

Moretz's father is scheduled to go on trial in April for allegedly shooting and killing his mother, Christine, in July 2011 after following her to a hospital. Almost three weeks later, Moretz was put in jail for allegedly chasing his sister with a machete. Over the past 18 months, he has also been accused of stabbing a dog with a pocket knife and for threatening to kill another man and his family after being refused a ride.

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