A former top aide to Mitt Romney says that she quit her career as a television pundit and began taking online real estate classes after the former Republican presidential nominee's "brutal" loss to President Barack Obama.

Bay Buchanan, the sister of former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan, told the Washington Examiner that Romney's defeat was a sign that it was time for her to find a new career.

"It was so tough. It was brutal," she explained. "I think it's the toughest because we really expected to win it."

Just two days after the election, Buchanan started an online real estate course and recently became a sales associate for McEnearney Associates Inc. in McLean, Va.

"Being somebody that they kind of know will be a real positive and, as you know, I'm just a charming person," Buchanan insisted, adding that "compared to what I did in the past, this is an easy sell."

"It's so negative and TV is more difficult than ever in the sense that it's really not an honest debate anymore," she said of her television talking head days. "I can't just live my life going on TV and being angry all the time."

During the 2012 campaign, Buchanan charged that Obama was to blame for public sector job losses and was forced to defend Romney's assertion that 47 percent of Americans were dependent on the government.

At one point in September, CNN host Soledad O'Brien told Buchanan that the Republican campaign was "just a hot mess."

“Certainly this is a bump in the road,” Buchanan agreed at the time.