The actor who provided the voice of "Charlie Brown" told KFMB-TV on Friday that he suffered a nervous breakdown on account of being deceived by both his girlfriend and the plastic surgeon who operated on her.

"A girl broke my heart," Peter Robbins said from jail, where he is being held on $550,000 bail. "That's what this is all about."

The 55-year-old actor was arrested late Sunday night at the U.S.-Mexico border on a warrant for allegedly making criminal threats against Dr. Lori Saltz, the plastic surgeon who performed breast enhancement surgery on his then-girlfriend, Shawna Kern.

Robbins is also accused of stalking Kern and leaving threatening phone messages, including one in which he tells her, "You better hide Shawna, I'm coming for you." He said he made that call while in Mexico, telling her, "Guess what Shawna, I'm outside your window," but that she should have been able to identify that as an international call.

U-T San Diego reported on Wednesday that on Dec. 31, Robbins began to hit his dog, Snoopy, after demanding Kern get a refund on the surgery, which he paid for. That night, he also allegedly left a message on Saltz's answering service demanding she bring $12,000 to a hotel.

But Robbins told the station he was the victim in the relationship.

"I wanted to have a baby with a girl," he said. "I have a shady past. When she stopped doing meth, I stopped drinking. I thought maybe there was a future for us. Turns out she wanted to get a boob job, steal my car, steal my dog Snoopy and get back to making love to her old boyfriend."

He also denied the newspaper's report that he suffered from pancreatic cancer.

"I made it up," he said. "I don't have cancer. I wanted to live though, like I did have cancer, like Lance Armstrong. How would you fight it?"

Robbins is due back in court on Monday for a bail review hearing. His preliminary hearing is scheduled for March 22.

Watch Robbins' jailhouse interview with KFMB, aired Friday, below.