On Wednesday night's edition of "The Colbert Report," host Stephen Colbert awarded the Republicans of the Virginia state senate the "Alpha Dog of the Week" award. Colbert was saluting the power grab the state Republicans pulled off when they drew new state districts while a Democratic leader was at the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

"You know if you watch this show, loyal viewers will know that every so often, I like to salute the men or lady-men who have the biggest balls in these U.S. of As," he said, by dubbing them the "Alpha Dog of the Week."

This week the award goes to the Republicans of the Virginia state senate, who, when Sen. Henry Marsh (D) traveled to Washington on Martin Luther King Day Jr. to attend the second inauguration of President Obama, voted to gerrymander the state's voting districts in order to keep Democrats permanently in the minority.

"How fitting," Colbert said. "In the words of Dr. King, 'I have been to the mountain-top, and while I was there, they heavily redistricted the Promised Land.'"

Watch the video, embedded below, via Comedy Central: