For the second time in just two months, law enforcement officers in Colorado have been accused of wrongfully killing a man's best friend.

Business owner Jeff Fisher told KUSA that his 8-year-old dog, Ziggy, was shot and killed when Adams County deputies ended up at the wrong address while responding to a security alarm.

"That's my son," Fisher said, weeping. "I've had him for eight years. That's my son."

Fisher recalled that Ziggy ran outside to check things out after deputies reportedly forced their way into his business. Seconds later, the dog was dead.

"He just wanted to see who it was and the police officer shot him three times," Fisher explained. "I'm yelling, 'You shot my dog! You shot my dog!' And the policy officer says, 'You need to calm down. You can get a new dog.'"

In late November, home video showed officers in Commerce City shooting a pit bull named Chloe after she had already been restrained.

"What is going on?" Attorney Jennifer Edwards, who represents both dog owners, wondered. "This is becoming an epidemic in Colorado."

"There is something very wrong in these departments and something has got to be done about it," she added. "They're taking our family members."

Adams County Undersheriff Roger Engelsman promised the department would "complete a thorough investigation" into Ziggy's death.

Watch this video from KUSA, broadcast Jan. 15, 2013.