Tourists looking to take advantage of new marijuana legalization initiatives might want to check their excitement until states decide how to deal with a potential influx of outsiders.

A Colorado task force charged with offering recommendations to the governor and the state legislature is considering whether or not out-of-state visitors should be allowed to grow, sell, or even use the drug within state borders, reported 9 News.

One state representative told the news outlet, "We don't want to be known as the marijuana tourism state."

But opponents to such potential restrictions are already mobilizing.

They claim that such a move would encourage underground sales and create a black market, the exact opposite of the primary motivation for Amendment 64.

A proponent of Colorado's marijuana legalization initiative said that prohibiting sales to tourists would be "unconstitutional and will undoubtedly result in the state engaging in a futile law suit that they will lose and cost the tax payers a whole lot of money."

[Image via AFP]