Entrepreneurs gathered on Washington's National Mall on Saturday to hawk their wares on the inauguration black market

Saturday saw a fairly slow start to the inauguration festivities on the streets of Washington DC, but the entrepreneurial spirit was alive and kicking – as evidenced by the sale of Obama prophylactics.

"The condom trade is doing fantastically well," said Benjamin Sherman, who was selling Obama condoms "for hard times", as he put it.

Sherman and his colleagues received a warm reception from people attending events on the National Mall.

"It's going to be a novelty item, and nothing that I'll probably use in my sexual endeavors," said Bobbi Simpson, from Virginia. She bought four sheaths, one of which claimed to be "the ultimate stimulus package".

Official inauguration merchandise – which does not include condoms – is for sale in a tent on the Mall, but independent sellers are doing a roaring trade in the open air.

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[Image: Condom in back pocket via Shutterstock]