A report from a recent board meeting of Freedomworks -- a conservative organization that recently saw its internal rifts and an attempted coup documented in the media -- was leaked, with Mother Jones obtaining the documents.

Freedomworks bills itself as a grassroots group but gets the majority of its funding from high-income individuals, reported Mother Jones.

According to a report from a board of directors meeting in December, of the $41 million raised through mid-December 2012, $33 million came from "major gifts" -- $31 million of that from individuals and the remaining $2 million from corporations and foundations.

The report also discussed the future of conservatism in America and the less-than-ideal election results. Freedomworks CEO Matt Kibbe asked in the report, "Can liberty, personal responsibility, and doing things for yourself be the new 'cool'?"

That could potentially be accomplished by attracting young Millennials who flocked to Ron Paul, he went on.

Kibbe also touched on the need for more ethnic and racial diversity. In fact, the report reads, "As for Blacks and Hispanics, the success of our Black & White tour starring Deneen Borelli is just the beginning. Next up is Black & Brown, adding in FreedomWorks'Ana Puig, who emigrated from Brazil seeking freedom that wasn't available to her there."

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